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Live Creatures

Most of the Live Animals sold here are what we consider to be "Problem Free". We do not sell high priced "Investment Quality" specimens. Our goal is to build interest and experience in keeping Reptiles and Amphibians. And increase interest in the hobby itself.

Tropical Fish

We try to keep a supply of "Unusual", "Oddball" or "Hard to Obtain" species. Fish that are worth the drive to Our Shop. We hope to offer what you cannot get at the "Big Stores".

Large Specimens are sometimes available for show tanks as well.

Sorry, No Saltwater Fish.


We use the eBay Store format to list our INSTOCK merchandise. By searching the eBay Store, you will find many Bargain Items, Bulk Supplies and "Our Own Brand" of equipment that works just as well as "Name Brand" but for much less cost. You will also find used equipment as well.

If you are not an eBay Member, you can purchase any item direct thru PayPal or by Mail Order. For more details on this go to the "Order Page" by clicking the word "Order" at the top of any webpage.

Available Livestock

* Reptile Supplies *

Available Tropical Fish

* Tropical Fish Supplies *

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